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A Birthday in Heaven  / Mom (Mother)
A Birthday In Heaven © 2005 Written by Kris Smith I heard you crying yesterday And felt your heart-sent love So I’m sending you this message Now, from Heaven up above. You’re wondering if I’ll celebrate My birthday (way up here) I know you’re missing me today I feel your essence near. God planned a special day for me He told me with a wink He’d ordered me a special cake (It’s Angel food, I think) I’m getting lots of hugs from God He’s really good at that And every time that I walk by He gives my head a pat Balloons will fill the streets for me They float up through the clouds And we have lots of clowns up here That make us laugh out loud There is a birthday carousel Jeweled horses ride the wind With music playing oh so sweet… The magic never ends I’ve made so many friends, you see We laugh and play and sing We ride our bikes and play jump rope And sleep in Angel’s wings We’ll have our cake and ice cream And open gifts, surprise! But we don’t blow out our candles here Instead, they light the skies
Hey baby boy  / Mom (Moose's mom )
My breath
....with yours!
My heart
....with yours!
My life
with yours!

Nothing is left to me!
except the Love
you brought.

....Always, always,
...I shall have
your Love! 

Nathan the pain I have in my heart right now i cannot describe.  I know i say this over and over but you meant the world to me baby.  I miss you so much
October 15th ~ Made with Love  / Sarah Mummy 2. ~*~ Joshua Blakeway
sweet little angel  / Kim M. (just someone who cares )

Don't Think Of Him As Gone
Ellen Brenneman

Don't think of him as gone away his journey's just begun; life holds so many facets this earth is only one. Just think of him as resting from the sorrows and the tears in a place of warmth and comfort where there are no days and years. Think how he must be wishing that we could know, today, how nothing but our sadness can really pass away. And think of him as living in the hearts of those he touched... for nothing loved is ever lost and he was loved so much.

RIP little sweety
xoxo kim and jacob
I hope you are having fun in Heaven  / NickNick's Mommy Kathy   Read >>
I hope you are having fun in Heaven  / NickNick's Mommy Kathy
Sending you the biggest hugs up in Heaven and I hope Nicholas, Leo, Daegan and you aren't tearing the place up too much! We all miss you guys very much! Love, Nick's Mommy Close
Always missing you, always loving you!  / Grandma Mary (Grandmother)  Read >>
Always missing you, always loving you!  / Grandma Mary (Grandmother)
Hey Moose,
Please watch over Mom while she is gone. I am watching the girls while she is away. I visit often and keep everything straightened.
I have met and talked to so many nice people there. People that all have one thing in common, someone they loved left them too soon.
I know that you are happy and I'm hoping it won't be to long before we are together again. Help us stay strong in the days ahead. I will always and forever love you. Grandma Mary Close
He is so beautiful...  / Jody Young (visitor)  Read >>
He is so beautiful...  / Jody Young (visitor)
I have been sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I wish I could hug you. You seem like an incredibly loving mother and I know you filled his days with love and laughter. I lost my mother suddenly when I was 27 years old...(14 years ago). I loved,still love,her more than anything in the world, she was my best friend and losing her devasted me in a way words cannot describe. I didnt think Id ever be happy again, ever feel anything but pain...But as the years passed I began to be able to do what I knew she would want -- to remember her, love her and know that she loves me but to also be happy and have the best life possible for myself. I am sure your beautiful boy wants the same for you. I so wish your time with him was longer...but you are so blessed that you gave life to him, and he to you, that you were able meet him now..hold him and see his smile before you meet him again in Heaven. What I have experienced is that the pain and grief of loss never fully "go away"..but that they become weaker and weaker in the presence of love. I think about my mom everyday. But I think of something silly or just some random thing that makes me smile. I drove past houses decorated with Christmas lights with my baby sleeping in the back seat last night ( born May 07- yep at 40!) and felt a huge sadness...I wanted my mom, I wanted her to see my daughter. As tears welled in my eyes I thought "....wait, she is here with us" not in body, but always in spirit and always in my heart...and I smiled. I wish you much love, peace and happiness in your life. Jody Close
Dancing Angel  / Crystal Donahue (Aunt)  Read >>
Dancing Angel  / Crystal Donahue (Aunt)
Precious one,
So small,
So sweet

Dancing in
on angel feet
Straight from Heaven's
brightest star

What a miracle
you are! 


Hey Nathan,
Came across this poem and instantly thought of you dancin for your Mama. Keep dancing little man!

Aunt Crystal
Happy Thanksgiving  / Crystal Donahue (Aunt)  Read >>
Happy Thanksgiving  / Crystal Donahue (Aunt)

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Happy Thanksgiving Nathan. We're all thankful that you came in to our lives and touched our hearts forever.

Much Love,
Aunt Crystal, Uncle Mike, and Cousin Blake

Sorry for your loss!  / Beth &. Angel Joshua   Read >>
Sorry for your loss!  / Beth &. Angel Joshua
I am so very sorry for your loss! I can't imagine what it's like to lose a child that had a chance to breathe our air. My son died in utero @39 weeks~ just 4 days before our scheduled c-section for delivery.  My heart just absolutely breaks for you! I hope you find many moments filled with comfort and peace as you travel through this journey of grief! I know this is nothing that you will ever get over but I do know that with love,support and time ~ you will get through this! God Bless! 

Have you ever seen a sunrise
That was streaked with pink and gold
It's called an Angel Sunrise
Is the story I've been told.

They streak the sky with color
To lift our spirits high
They paint with lovely colors
As through the clouds they fly.

These Angels have a special task
They brighten up our day
Our skies they color lovely
To begin a golden day.

The next time that you see a sky
That's gold and pink and bright
Look carefully and you might see
The Angel that's in flight.

(Charlotte Anselmo)

~Little Precious Angels~
Our precious little angels,
They could not stay long.
Enough to steal your heart away
Then force you to be strong.
Enough to show you in a glimpse,
How wonderful life can be.
And how no wealth or wordly good,
Could take the place of Thee.
Little Angels in a cloud
Looking down upon their family.
Feeling forever proud
That for a time, forever short,
They had the chance to be
Our Little Precious Angels,
So Beautiful to see.

Take care! 
~Beth & Angel Joshua Close
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