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A LIGHT FOR HIM  / Amanda Aunt Of Beloved Austin (Just a visitor who has lost a loved one to SIDS )
Pain and suffering is to its end in this child's life
We shall not weep for this child, for he is now in a place of beauty
Where there is no war, no hate, and no death
Eternal life is to be brought forth through God by a soft glowing flame:
Strong enough to hold all his children
Containing a prayer that which all prayers are made,
A life, that which all lives are created.
You can't see this flame, yet you always know it is there.
You can't touch this flame, yet you can always feel its presence
This child has now seen God, and God has a need for him.
So, you see, this child did not die, he is reborn.

I lost my nephew Christopher Austin to SIDS at the age of one day shy of six weeks old. I do not know the personal loss of holding my own child and then saying I will see you later. For Jesus has come to take you home. I have lost 3 of my own to miscarriages one at 23 weeks. If you ever need someone to talk to or just need an extra prayer feel free to e-mail me at:
He was a special guy!  / Mary Donahue (Grandma)
Nathan was such a fun baby, he touched so many people in the short time he was with us.
Jen, you are the bravest gal I know, you made a fine Mom. Please know that I'm here to listen if you need me. 
I hope that someday we can remember Nathan with a smile instead of tears.  I love both of you-Mom
Awwwwwwwwwwww / Kat Passerby
What a sweet website, and what an adorable baby. This is so heartbreaking! 
Very sorry  / Lori Mommy To Angel Aidan Grems (passer-by)
I am very sorry for the loss of your beautiful son. I know the pain and heartbreak that you are suffering. I lost my son to Sids 2 years ago.  If you need someone to talk to please e-mail me at 
Remember to take one moment at a time, I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Blue eyes  / Michael Gigliello (Freind)  Read >>
Blue eyes  / Michael Gigliello (Freind)
Jen, I admire your strength through these extremely hard times.  You are kindof our beacon in this swarming sea of doubt, and pain.  Monica and I, as you know, are here for you at any time of need.  To Nathan,  we will never forget you, and your loving family.  When I look to the sky, I see your crystal clear beautiful blue eyes.  I have developed a habit of staring into the sky in remembrance  of  you.  In your short time here, you made everyone you came into contact with, happier.  That is a tough act for us to follow, but heres to trying. Close
I will never forget that smile  / Trish Weese (BBC friend )  Read >>
I will never forget that smile  / Trish Weese (BBC friend )
He was such a beautiful little boy Jen.  And one look at that smile of his is all it took to know you are a great mother because you obviously had one happy baby!!  I am so sorry for your loss and amazed at your strength.  We will never forget you and Nathan, ever. Close
Precious Blessing  / Ariana Adam (SIDS Mom )  Read >>
Precious Blessing  / Ariana Adam (SIDS Mom )
Nathan is absolutely gorgeous, a perfect angel. I know how very hard it is to deal with & accept... the questions that remain unanswered, the empty space in your heart that seems like it will always remain, the most pure love that's been taken away. Know how very blessed you are to be Nathan's mommy, God chose you for a very special reason & Nathan will forever live through your love. You are in my prayers. I pray for comfort & strength that you may carry on each day knowing that your precious Nathan is sending you angel luvs from high above.
I want to leave a poem that I wrote for all of our little angels in Heaven.
“Our Sweet Little Angels”
Written By Ariana Adam, 5/22/07

So many little angels rest up above
Leaving mommies and daddies and families they love

Our little angels are never too far
Close as a wish on that beautiful star

How tiny they were when they left this land
Destined for greatness, for something so grand

The impact they made and the depth of our love
Makes them greater than the sky above

We love our little angels and will always wonder why…
A piece of our hearts has been torn from inside

‘Sweet little angel, set free like a dove

Now flying high in the Heaven’s above’ 

Peace, love & blessings to you,
Ariana Close
Beautiful / Stephanie Butelr (Friend)  Read >>
Beautiful / Stephanie Butelr (Friend)
Jen this is such a beautiful tribute! I love it!

Nathan...look down always on your mommy and take care of her from above! Close
We love you Jen  / Jeff Rainey (Friend)  Read >>
We love you Jen  / Jeff Rainey (Friend)

Hang in there. You have a ton of people pulling for you and praying for you.

We love you.

Jeff and Family Close
He's still with you  / Ashley Scarborough (BBC Single parent board )  Read >>
He's still with you  / Ashley Scarborough (BBC Single parent board )
Whenever you feel sad and don't know what to do, just remember that Nathan is still with you in your heart.  Focus on the good times that you shared together.  All of the times that you two danced together before you got your day started.  His bright eyes and wide grin.  Those will the things you need to keep you going.  Just believe that all things happen to make us stronger.  God bless you

Ashley & Caelan
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