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RIP / Jaelis Toro (BBC Friend )
So so sorry for your lost. I admire your strength,
precious moments  / Melissa Tenegal (Friend)

Precious moments in time is what Nathan has given us. We all loved him and cared for him, none as much as you Jen… know that he is with you always, and will be forever in all our hearts. Jen’s little angel who fought so hard, loved his applesauce, and hated his veggies, just like mom. If there is anything you ever need, know that I am only a phone call away, anywhere, anytime. You both are forever in my heart. Love, Melissa

Stay strong Jen!  / Jamie And Michael (BBC friend )
I can't imagine what you are going thru and words can't express how sorry I am. Just know that Nathan is with you always and no one can take away the precious memories and times you had together.
Prayers for You  / Kathy Donahue (Great Aunt/MN )
Love you, girl!  I pray for strength for you daily and it would see like you are finding that strength through your love of Nathan.  I can only imagine what you are feeling but even that is painful.  Take care of yourself and be sure to let us know if we can do anything to help.
Love, Aunt Kathy
My Heartfelt Condolences  / Kathryn Harris (BBC Friend )  Read >>
My Heartfelt Condolences  / Kathryn Harris (BBC Friend )
Such a beautiful little boy who was here such a short time.  He touched many hearts and many lives.  Thank you for sharing him with us.  I am so very sorry for your loss.  

Kathryn & Dillon Close
Our little "moose"  / Mary Donahue (Grandma)  Read >>
Our little "moose"  / Mary Donahue (Grandma)
Nathan left us as quickly as he came. But the joy he shared in the 51/2 months he was with us will always be in our hearts.
He earned the nickname "Moose" because he grew 
quickly. He had just mastered rolling over.
He was everthing to his Mom and the hole he left is immense.
Please keep our family in your prayers as we struggle to make sense of this tragedy.
We will love Nathan always.
I'm so sorry  / Marsha Anders (BBC single parent board )  Read >>
I'm so sorry  / Marsha Anders (BBC single parent board )
  He was seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. I found myself going back to your posts on a regular basis just to get another look at his cute little face and the dimpley smile. Close
The Fighter  / Kimberly Lebovitz (Friend)  Read >>
The Fighter  / Kimberly Lebovitz (Friend)
Nathan will be remembered as a fighter.  As he fought his way into this world early, and fought to stay in it as long as he did, he will be remembered as the "moose" who brought joy to his mom's life and everyone's around him.  God has him now, and he will protect and take care of him always.  Jen, you are in our thoughts and prayers always. Close
We love you Jen  / Kimberly And Koren Mennel (BBC Friend )  Read >>
We love you Jen  / Kimberly And Koren Mennel (BBC Friend )
Nathan was always such a special baby.  I know he touched our lives and the lives of the other families on the board.  Putting this site together for him was a beautiful thing to do. Close
We will miss you Nathan  / Nicole &. Kemo (BBC)  Read >>
We will miss you Nathan  / Nicole &. Kemo (BBC)
Jenn we will miss Nathan so much.  You know I look forward to your posts just too see Nathan's beautiful smile.  It literally lites up my day.  You were a great mom to him and he loved you so much. Even though he was only here for a short time, he touched so many people.  If you need anything ever be sure to send me an email.((((hugs))))
Nicole Close
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